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Try our meats – we know you’ll love them

Steve and Liz

We’re proud you can feel good about eating our meats

Steve and Liz

Five generations of British butchers stand behind our meats

Steve & Liz

Passion, ethics and heritage are the essential ingredients of our meats

Steve and Liz

Cooked meats | Hand-Cured in Brighton

Try Sussex Cured to experience what makes our meats so special

Hi, we’re Steve and Liz Pearce.

We’ve been curing quality meats in Sussex for thirty years now.

It’s this combination of passion, ethics and heritage that makes our award-winning Sussex Cured meats taste so special.

Our meats are cured and prepared by hand using traditional techniques and recipes that have evolved over five generations of British butchers.

Try them, we know you’ll love them.

Steve & Liz

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